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The First Biosensor to train you to manage everyday stress

‘An extremely user friendly tool to help you train your attention & learn to practise mindfulness’

Dr Jeffrey Schwartz
Four Steps to Mindfulness


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Mindfulness is a way of training yourself to focus on the present moment. The Pip facilitates mindfulness practice to manage stress, helping you to become calmer and more effective.

We all know what it feels like to be stressed, feel overwhelmed or struggle to cope – and the effects this can have on our happiness, relationships and work. We may not be able to control external factors that can cause stress – but we can learn to better control our responses to it.

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Mindfulness is a tool to help you manage this feeling of stress. It helps you to refocus your attention to the present moment, and to have a non-judgmental, discerning sense of awareness of your thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations. It allows your attention to fully focus on the present, whilst strengthening your ability to make accurate assessment of what you are experiencing, and become fully engaged in the moment and in your surroundings.

This kind of training can help you to more fully apply yourself to tasks and improve your ability to manage difficulties as they arise. This can be hugely beneficial in the workplace, in relationships and in your mental state of being.

The Pip

How can the Pip help?

The 4 Steps to Mindfulness App contains helpful video tutorials that teach you to refocus your mind using the Breath Awareness Exercise. The Pip then allows you to practise this exercise, and the Pip’s biosensing technology shows you how effective you are at refocusing your mind.

The 4 Steps to Mindfulness App is a training program developed in conjunction with world leading neuroscience expert, Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz. It can be used by anyone who wants to use mindfulness to change bad habits, end unhealthy thinking and improve their life.

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The 4 Steps to Mindfulness App can help you learn to be more mindful in daily life

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Learn to focus on the present moment with The Loom

Your brain is an incredibly powerful and complex information and control system, capable of adapting to external changes. This enables us to ‘rewire’ our brains to adjust our responses – however this takes time and consistent practice.

The Loom landscape is an enjoyable and effective method of enhancing your practice of mindfulness. The landscape responds positively as you focus your breathing and thoughts, helping you to become mindful while practising Dr. Schwartz’s 4 Steps.

The Pip

Unlock mindfulness

During your Loom session, you will practise the Breath Awareness Exercise to transform the Loom landscape. The Pip tracks your progress and measures your relaxation using proprietary technology.

At the end of the Loom, the App will show the relative time you were in a relaxed and focused state.

Regular practice will help you to minimise distraction and to increase the amount of time you are focused, bringing you closer to achieving mindfulness.

How to get started

Purchase and DownloadPurchase & Download

Buy your Pip online via Amazon and download the 4 Steps to Mindfulness App, available for iOS and Android devices.


We have created video tutorials of Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz’s 4 Steps process and Breath Awareness Exercise to help you get started on the path to mindfulness.


Practise the skills you have learned with the Loom landscape. As you focus your attention on your breathing, the landscape and music change to reflect your progress.


As you practise changing the Loom landscape, you learn to focus your attention and focus on the present moment – practising mindfulness.

Four Steps to Mindfulness

Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz

Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz is a world leading expert in self-directed neuroplasticity, the science of retraining your brain. He works as a research psychiatrist at the School of Medicine at the University of California in Los Angeles and has been involved in academic psychiatry for over 40 years. He is the author of over 100 scientific papers and co authored the best-selling book You Are Not Your Brain.

‘The Four Steps: Relabel, Reframe, Refocus, Revalue – will help you change bad habits, end unhealthy thinking and take control of your life. The 4 Steps are really good for everybody because they’re really a form of applied mindfulness’ – Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz


Download the 4 Steps to Mindfulness App

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